About Us

In recent years, SZ Travels & Logistics Pty Ltd have analysed leading travel, transport, and logistics corporations in more than 2,000 projects around the world, from South Africa to the Arctic. The practice includes more than 80 partners and several hundred consultants with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise. We also rely on the practical experience of our project teams to develop new concepts and consulting approaches. At the same time, our services will continue to expand our specialist capabilities and expertise into a global network of researchers supporting our consultants. These specialists help our teams in their search for information, generating industry perspectives and corporate analyses. In addition, a team of two dedicated directors that have travelled the world in all modes of transport are engineering this services.

Our clients range from local and long-distance public transport companies to leisure travel groups and logistics service providers (passenger and goods). While each client's company is unique, all depend on physical networks to cover distances. Spurred by globalization, these logistics networks have advanced to span the world. This capital-intensive industry encompasses means of transport, platforms, ports, warehouses, and airports. Only companies that manage to optimally combine and utilize these assets have a fair chance of surviving the tough competition with providers from the same or related industries and helping to shape tomorrow's flow of goods. We believe in door to door services at your finger tip at a glance. Reliable sophisticated elegant comfortable and warm hospitality through your journey with qualified and experienced drivers.


Zakhele Dlamini


Zakhele has been in corporate business for the past 2 years. Worked in big organization well while persuading his Wealth Management Studies. Persistent innovative ethical individual with lot of customer care background.

Sifiso Mthethwa


Sifiso has been managing multi-million projects for the past decade. His most important characteristics are punctuality, planning and detailed management.

Motsebore Raphela

Marketing and Sales Executive

Experience in Business Unit Management, Financial Customer Care, Quailified Travel Communication Business administration with vast knowledge in the travel and book keeping compliance and proficiency in general Executive duties

We help our clients capture profit opportunities by taking advantage of
the changing market dynamics through the following levers:

Network optimization

Identification of sustainable cost reductions by optimizing location, routing, and scheduling of networks while maintaining high quality and service requirements for customers.

Operational improvements

Optimization of equipment, processes, and production sites to increase quality and efficiency through higher service offerings.

Product innovation

Design, opportunities, as well as modernizing and updating established, profitable products to strengthen core capabilities. sting, and implementation of new, innovative products, including digital.